Asbury’s Encounter Student Ministries are designed just for 6th-12th grade students in the Pasadena and surrounding community! We are a diverse group from all over the Pasadena-Deer Park-Clear Lake area.

In Encounter we have a lot of FUN but most importantly, we SEEK God in EVERYTHING we do…not just on Sunday mornings. We engage purposefully in God’s word, and actively look for opportunities to grow spiritually and in our relationship with God. We strive to live out our faith in every moment of every day…because when we PURPOSEFULLY are seeking God, that’s when we will find and ENCOUNTER him!

So…what are you waiting for? We would love to have you join us!

Sunday mornings 9:45-10:45 am
Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm
The world throws a lot at you and expects a lot from you. How you dress, the TV shows you watch, the people you hang out with – it all seems to matter.
But what does God have to say about such things? Does God care? Does God demand perfection? Does God not like my friends?
Come discover how God can be a part of your life in a way that makes life better. Explore a real connection with others who will accept you for who you are.
Encounter – Wednesday evenings
Wednesday evenings at Encounter you’ll find a fun, sometimes crazy, always buzzin’ atmosphere with real talk about real issues.
Junior High Sunday morning
A small group for Jr. High students dealing with the in between of no longer being a kid and not yet a High Schooler. God has something to make your life stronger.
Senior High Sunday morning
A small group setting for our Sr. High to explore the Bible and it’s meaning for those dealing with the pressures, problems, and possibilities of high school.
8Director of Student Ministries
Laurel Waller
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