Sunday Morning Worship Teams

Sunday morning is a key moment in the life of our church. Serving in worship or as a support person allows others to truly experience the presence of God – which is our greatest hope.
Communion Server
Assist with communion.
Leader: Lindsay Kirkpatrick – Pastor
Welcomes and makes announcements
Leader: Lindsay Kirkpatrick – Pastor
Music Ministry – Chancel Choir
8:45 am service
(9th grade – adults)
Leader: Kay Lunsford
Music Ministry – Handbell Choir
8:45 am service
Leader: Kay Lunsford
Music Ministry – Contemporary Praise Band
11:00 am Service (Instrumentalist or singer)
Leader: Laurel Waller
Ushers have various duties to help coordinate the worship. Serve one month per quarter.
Leader: Sheila Guettler (8:45 am) Brenda Hellyer (11:00 am)
Video & Sound system team
Assist with multi-media needs.
Leader: Don Bauer
Worship Media team
Assist with worship media. Learning to run the Easy Worship program or the sound board. Once a month or more if you wish.
Leader: Pat Sommerfield (281-450-4804)
WOW Worship children’s team
WOW Worship is Sunday Morning worship for children ages 3 through 3rd grade. Children have this option to attend worship geared to their understanding, with songs, games, and bible learning.
Leader: Cindy Evans