Welcome to Asbury!

Our mission statement is “Hearts that Love and Hands that Serve as Disciples of Jesus Christ” . We are a church that is passionate about sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about family, friendships and finding our calling.
At Asbury UMC great things are happening every day – It is a place to find health, healing and hope. Here marriages are being restored, chains of oppression lifted and the hurting are comforted. People who once walked in darkness are now living in the light of Christ.
We see it happening not because of great programs, music, or events we have but because the Spirit of the Lord is moving here and ‘wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’ (2 Corinthians 3:17). Jesus is in the life restoration business and He wants to change your life for the better also.
Asbury UMC is a place for everyone. We are a diverse congregation open to all people. Our members say they feel a part of a warm and sincere family, whether they’re single, a couple, a single parent family, or a large family, young or old.
So, come visit us today. You are welcome here!