Note From Pastor David- September 2017

A childhood favorite of mine was Brother Dave Gardner, a comedian and storyteller, and country philosopher.
In the midst of silliness or a really funny story, there would sometimes be a little nugget of wisdom. One of those, buried in a really good story, was this:
“People are always talking about wanting to do something again. Don’t you know you can never do
anything again? You can do something similar!” Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher said it this way, “No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and they’re not the same person.”
And that brings me to my being with you here are Asbury. As I was thinking and praying about coming, it was tempting to think in terms of doing it “again,” as though that would be possible. I mean, I loved being here before, and “again” would not be a bad thing at all for me. But the reality is that you’re not the same church, and I’m not the same pastor; we’re dealing with an altogether new thing here!
I’ve only been here two days but I knew right away that you all are a stronger church. Under the leadership of Pastor Lindsay, you have grown in lots and lots of ways. I hope you can see that and feel that you’ve grown.
Of course, the river has changed, too! The neighborhood has changed, Pasadena has changed, and that’s not to mention the changes that Harvey has wrought! Much of who we will be for months ahead will be a response to the enormous need all around us. Who could have foreseen that, even a couple of weeks ago? You see, we are not called to be who we were in some remembered golden age of the past. We’re not called to be who we were two years ago or even two weeks ago. We are always called to be who God needs us to be right here,in this place, at this time. We can never do anything “again.” All we can do is be faithful today. It is enough.

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