Note from Pastor Lindsay March 2018

Hello church!
Back before there was Big House (a middle school summer mission project), there was only UM ARMY (the high school version). And I could not wait to go on my first trip. It was a big deal at my home church, everybody looked forward to getting to go. I was excited to be helping out other folks, and it turned out to be even more meaningful than I anticipated. Not only did it open my eyes to just how privileged I am and begin to up my gratitude quotient, but my desire to be completely all-in for God was kindled that week.
Just like there’s 3 members of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), the church exists for three key purposes: to worship God, grow the saints (believers), and serve those in need. And we now have a new way to achieve the 3rd purpose. I am so excited for Asbury to have another opportunity to tap into our church’s love for serving others. Remember that one of our church goals this year was to identify and begin to implement a new church-wide mission emphasis. So this Sunday, March 4th is our Servelution Sunday. If you are looking for a way to make a big difference, you do not want to miss this. We’re going to unveil our new Reach partnership – every time you come to worship and check in, post, or leave a review on social media, a monetary donation will be given to one of several charities. These charities, ranging from free food to autism therapy to clean water to Bibles to training guide dogs, will rotate every month. It’s away for us to put missions front and center, every Sunday morning, and it’s an easy way to share with your friends how important Asbury is to you. We think this will make it easier to meet our other church goal of welcoming 500 1st time visitors to worship. So invite folks you know to come and make a difference, just by attending and checking in to worship!
Then we’ll also be choosing our new church-wide mission emphasis on March 4th. Our Missions Chairs, Andrea Mann and Katie Gaw, have been researching local missions where all of our congregation could get involved. On this Sunday they will be sharing with us the two local mission partnerships they found where Asbury could make an incredible kingdom-difference. You’ll have an opportunity to vote on which mission we should partner with during both worship services. Come help decide which ministry is the right fit for our congregation.
Finally, I will be hosting an information meeting also on March 4th at 12:15 pm to discuss a trip to Kenya this summer. Through Project Zoe Asbury supports 108 children as they learn how to be healthy and self sufficient. We will be travelling to meet our Zoe kids and experience this mission first-hand! As you know, our vision is “… to be a church that brings Jesus from the margins to the center in ministry …”All of these new mission opportunities are more ways for each of us to live out that vision. Reaching out in Christian love to those in need is at the heart of both Asbury’s past and its future. I hope you’re as excited as I am to join God in mission in our worship, in our local community, and even around the world.
Pastor Lindsay

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