Note From The Pastor- April, 2017

Hey church!

I remember early one morning, I was watching the sunrise, and thinking about faith. I go through periods of wondering and wandering spiritually, and I was facing doubts about this Jesus guy from forever ago. As I watched the sun come up, I thought about how even though we know better now, to the ancients the sun appeared to die every night and be reborn in the morning. I thought about how I trusted each morning that the sun would come up, even if it was hidden by the clouds. Let alone burying a seed in the ground, and seeing it blossom, or a caterpillar emerging as a butterfly.

Resurrection is a part of life.
Then I thought about people I knew who had turned their lives around. People who had hit rock bottom and come up strong and brave, compassionate and joyful. And I thought about my own life, how I had grown the most when I had been forced to struggle.
These things reminded me, that fundamentally, above everything else, I am a person that believes in Resurrection. It’s actually not hard to believe at all – I see it in creation, I see it in folks’ lives, I’ve lived it myself. And I believe it of my Savior.

So in the midst of all of the amazing things going on in our church right now – the opportunity to dream and plan for the kinds of ministries our kids and grandkids will be able to grow from because of our new ministry space, the Living Last Supper and our really meaningful and innovative new Good Friday service, the Town Hall Meetings and Kick-Off Sunday and so much more – here’s the question that matters to me the most:

Out of the dead weight we all carry around, am I letting God resurrect anything in me at all right now? Because fundamentally, more than anything else, God is a Resurrection God. You don’t have to wonder if He’s working on resurrecting you – that’s who He is, it’s the nature of His work, always, in every moment.

I hope that this Easter, you experience the joy of the Resurrection, not only of Jesus’ resurrection so long ago, but personally, for yourself, deep within your soul.