Note From The Pastor- May 2017


As I write this in a hotel room in another city during a pastoral leadership conference, I’ve been blessed today by the story of how a church family had to go to a local emergency room in a tough set of circumstances, and some church members went up to the hospital in my absence to be a visible sign that the church, and indeed God Himself, stood with them in that moment.

I am reminded of a conversation I had earlier this week of a family that will be joining our church in the next few weeks and hopes to make Asbury their family’s long term spiritual home. They are excited about the prospect of relationships they can make here, and they are entrusting us with their children’s spiritual foundation, an awesome and humbling responsibility.

A family told me last week that God had done something in their marriage that they never saw coming, and that they would never have believed how far they’ve come in such a short time thanks to the leading and  provision of God. I know for a fact that there are churchfolk at Asbury who have been praying daily for that marriage for weeks.

These are only a few of the stories I share with you to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of our Saving Lord. You may be in a season personally in your life where reasons to celebrate seem few and far between. If so, I encourage you to take these stories, and hold on to them, and wait faithfully for the day when you have  your own to share.

I promise you, that when you do, Asbury will be right there, celebrating alongside you.



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