Online Giving Faq’s

Can I set up recurring donations? Yes, the recurring donation can be set up on a weekly or monthly schedule’
Will my contribution be reflected on my annual giving statement? Yes, you will be able to print your contribution statement from your giving profile.
What if I change banks? It will be your responsibility to change your banking information. You can easily edit this from within your fellowship one profile.
Can I update the frequency or amount of my donation? Yes, at any time. You are in control of your giving profile.
How do I get help? You can contact Diana Choma in the church office for questions. Diana can be contacted through the church phone number at 281-484-4814 or email her at
Can I use a credit or debit card? We do accept both types of transactions. However, because of the possibility of personal debt accumulation we encourage debit card transactions.
Can I just try this once? Yes, you do have the option of a one-time gift.
When is my donation charged to my account? Transactions are completed the day of the transaction.
Do I pay any additional fees to give online? No! There is not a fee to give online.