Our Pastor, Lindsay Kirkpatrick

Dear Guests,
Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know Asbury! I’ve been honored to serve this church since 2014 and am excited about the impact it’s having in the lives of our neighbors.
We know that all creations were made to be in relationship with their creator, that people thrive when they engage their minds, their bodies, and their spirits. We know that encounters with God are supposed to be a part of daily life, and that being a part of a body of Christ tunes our ears to hear and our sharpen our eyes to see those encounters happening so much more often than we realized on our own.
During our searching of the Scripture, it became clear to us that life with God consists of 4 practices. These practices are worshiping Christ, growing in Christ, serving Christ, and sharing Christ. Worship happens together on Sunday mornings; it also happens individually, whenever we choose. Growing in Christ has to do with those holy habits we take up that exercise our spiritual muscles and help us grow- especially studying Scripture and praying. We have Life Groups at Asbury that are our primary avenue of growing in Christ. Serving Christ is about our community looking a little more like heaven on earth because we are a part of it, and Asbury is on the forefront of being servant partners in our community. We also share Christ, by sharing our faith, and sharing our gifts.   
This practice has to do with generously giving back to God out of what He has given us, and also letting people know about what God has done in our lives. These practices form the focus of what we do as a church, what we’re about, and how we are in ministry with one another.
We are a church that is committed to strengthening and supporting families. Parents of preschoolers in Sunday School will receive a tip sheet for ways to bring home the things learned in class. Youth are invited to help lead worship and serve in a variety of ways to help them understand that they have purpose and ministry to offer now. In all kinds of ways, we are functioning as a backbone of support to parents and families who are trying to do life with God.
Let me tell you a little bit about my family. I was born in the Gulfgate area and grew up in Kingwood, where my family still lives. I attended college at Texas A&M (whoop!) and then went to seminary at Perkins School of Theology at SMU. Kenton, my husband, and I met our first week of classes as freshmen at A&M and got married after graduation, in 2007. During seminary, I served as the pastor of First UMC, Coolidge and then completed my seminary internship at A&M UMC. For the next 4 years, I was Associate Pastor of Montgomery UMC.
Kenton’s family is from Friendswood, and he has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and works at NASA on the robotics team for the International Space Station. We have three imaginative, hilarious, and exhausting children- Braden (7 yrs old),  Logan (5 yr old).and Elizabeth (2 years).
I have served as the district coordinator for youth District Camp and chaired the conference’s Missions Committee. I have a heart for sharing the healing power of God, building relationships, ministering to the community, and studying Scripture. And, lots of laughter.
This is a church that makes a difference in the lives of so many, and there’s so many ways for you to make a difference with us. I hope we get the chance to worship with you soon.
Pastor Lindsay Kirkpatrick